Cheap Dog Grooming Las Vegas ** BEST **

Cheap dog grooming Las Vegas in here. For several years I have been taking care of your darling with a lot of calm and dogged sense. Whether cutting, shearing, trimming, or brushing out. De-felting and washing are also part of my services. I am happy to cut just the claws or clean your dog’s teeth with an ultrasonic toothbrush. Getting used to puppies is also very important. The phrase “the sooner the better” applies

Fearful and difficult dogs are no problem for me, with calm and patience I make sure that the dog does not have any stress and show him that the time with me is positive. In this way, the dog gradually learns that it neither has to be afraid nor to defend itself. I personally refrain from being tied up and from the muzzle. Without it takes longer, but the dog feels more comfortable! An important principle for me is: During the treatment, I adjust to your animal, not the animal has to adjust to me!

Cheap dog grooming in Las Vegas has set up a salon in our house and you decide whether you want to stay with your dog or use the time for other purposes. Every dog ​​is unique, just like the performance we provide for it. For this reason, I calculate according to the amount of work and / or time spent, because this is the only way I can meet the price of each customer. The approximate prices for a corresponding dog breed, which is based on the size of the animal, can be requested by telephone. I can give you an exact price indication directly in the dog salon here on site as soon as I have seen the animal and have determined the time and effort required.

After washing, I of course always use fresh towels to towel your dog. The shear table and every device (scissors/shaving heads/ear hair tongs etc.) with which I care for your animal is cleaned and disinfected beforehand. Daily floor cleaning and disinfection goes without saying. All high-quality care products are well tolerated, based on nature and without chemical additives.

In direct care work, care is always taken to make the time of the care process or the entire time in our dog salon as stress-free and pleasant as possible for the animal.