Creative Dog Grooming Names & Ideas ** 2020 **

Creative dog grooming is the generic word for dog and cat grooming. We master all grooming techniques, providing the right care for every type of coat and skin. The quality and welfare of the dog and cat are our top priority. We specialize in cutting all kinds of different types of coats so that we can trim the dog or cat to your liking. Plucking: the loose old hairs are plucked out from between the coat to give the new coat space. Mainly used in dogs with a rough coat (the wire-haired Dachshund, Border Terrier, Cairn Terrier, etc.). Clipping: Coats that need to be shortened, such as the coat of Poodles and Maltese, are cut to the desired length with straight scissors. Thinning (thinning): a thick coat can be thinned with special scissors, making the coat more fluffy.

Creative dog grooming names and shaving: a nice short coat for your dog? Have the dog shave. We recommend having the legs cut for a nicer affect. Swollen: dogs that shed a lot are relieved of excess hair with the help of combs, brushes, de-rollers, and glove massages. The dog takes a bath and is then blown dry with a very powerful hairdryer so that the last loose hairs are removed. Washing: just a wash can sometimes be a party for a dog. We have the space and the right products for that. Save yourself a water ballet! The grooming area also has a professional waiting area for dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Here your animal can wait quietly until you pick him or her up again. Each room has a container of fresh drinking water. The rooms have closed side walls so that your animal cannot be bothered by the ‘neighbor’. The lower areas have a removable partition wall. This allows the space to be increased so that the large dog breeds can also lie comfortably. The grooming room, like the rest of the grooming salon, is equipped with air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.

Creative Dog Grooming Names & Ideas for you!

Everything is done to make the trimming as pleasant as possible. For example, the dog can regularly walk around in the grooming salon during the treatment. The grooming takes quite a long time, so just “stretching the legs” is also nice for the dog. Your pet will also be regularly rewarded with a pat during the grooming session, a “good way!” or with a treat to reward his / her good behavior in the grooming salon. Hygiene in the creative dog grooming salon names is also extremely important to us. Good hygiene is important for a good working atmosphere, but also for preventing the transmission of infectious diseases and parasites.

Dog grooming Ideas, all breeds, and non-breed animals are welcome, including the large heavy dog ​​breeds, such as the Newfoundlander, Saint Bernard, etc. In many dog grooming salons, they are refused because of the heavy work involved in these breeds. Such a dog can easily weigh 65-100kg and is then difficult to get on the grooming table. Dog Grooming Salon we use the latest equipment, such as electrically height-adjustable grooming tables and baths. This makes it possible to also provide these ‘heavy boys’ with the necessary coat care.