Dirty Dog Grooming Mobile and Salon **Best**

Dirty Dog Grooming when caring for your dog, it is important that you use products that are suitable for dogs. It is important for your dog to live in a clean environment. In this category, you will find products related to washing your dog and products that ensure a healthy coat. But also products that offer a hygienic environment.

In the Allergy sub-category, you will find products that counteract allergies, e.g. against dust mites and allergens in the air. But also products that make people with an allergy to dogs less affected.

Although around 98% of veterinarians recommend dog owners to brush their dog’s teeth, only around 2% actually use this recommendation. Anyone who has ever seen or smelled a dog with dental problems knows the importance of taking good care of a dog’s teeth. Aside from the most obvious problem (the dog stinks out of the mouth) from bad teeth, it can also cause pain and your dog can even lose teeth. Far worse, your dog’s health is at risk of dental problems. The bacteria from the oral cavity can cause various unpleasant inflammations in, for example, the heart, kidneys, and liver, with all the associated consequences.