DIY Dog Grooming Table Arm for Large Dogs ** CHEAP **

DIY dog grooming table is the minimum equipment for the dog salon. Most grooming tables are quite easy and quick to set up and are therefore also suitable for mobile use. Anyone who is on the move as a mobile dog groomer should urgently take a look at the exact dimensions of the grooming table before buying and also check how easy it is to load and unload in the vehicle. The maximum load on the tables is sufficient for almost every dog. However, based on experience, the resilience of large dogs that stand fidgeting on the grooming table is not one hundred percent. Good handling of large dogs is therefore a prerequisite for a simple grooming table. It goes without saying that a dog should not be left alone on the table without supervision. Unfortunately, there are always stories about dogs that have hung on the so-called gallows in the absence of the dog hairdresser. I have never seen a case in practice myself.

DIY dog grooming table arm for large dogs Anyone who, as a dog groomer, feels the physical work on their own body every day is more than grateful for an electrically height-adjustable grooming table. Anyone who plans to work independently as a dog hairdresser in the long term should treat themselves to the supposedly expensive luxury of an electrically adjustable grooming table for dogs. As a young groomer and with many small dogs, this may be an exaggeration. Anyone who has ever had to lift a Landseer, Briard or another large breed of dog on the grooming table knows what I’m talking about. The best physical posture for the back is of no use if the dog is simply too heavy for the mostly female dog groomers.

In practice, the electrically height-adjustable grooming tables have established themselves. And yet in rare cases, there is someone who has built a table himself. Since this is usually only easier for craft professionals with electrical training, I do not recommend building a grooming table yourself with the usual options. As already mentioned above, there are of course high-quality cutting tables, but also the cheap ones, some of which cost less than 200 euros, convince me to keep my hands off do-it-yourself cutting tables.