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Dog grooming Boise, are you looking for a dog grooming salon where your dog is expert dog grooming? Then have your dog trimmed by a certified groomer in the grooming salon of Dierenpension de Wildert in Chaam. You can get your dogs trimmed when you are on vacation, on a business trip, or weekend away and your dog is on holiday with us for a while. We can also trim your dog if your dog is not staying with us, but comes by for a day. Of course, only trimming is also possible, you can always contact us for this. Are you interested or would you like more information?

Dog grooming Boise Idaho is located and has been a trusted address for the complete coat care of your dog for over 15 years! The coat care of the dog differs per breed, so the coat is treated as such. Some examples: to cut shave, picking, swollen, wash & blow-dry The individual treatment of your dog also includes the care of nails and ears and, if necessary, control of the anal glands. Your puppy can be trimmed by us, we reserve extra time for this. Hygiene plays a major role in our dog grooming salon, which is why the equipment used is disinfected so that the spread of bacteria, diseases, and parasites is virtually excluded.

In order to take good care of your dog, we only work by appointment. We take care of all dog breeds. The possibilities also include picking up and returning your dog. You can contact us for the coat care of your cat. Dog grooming salon Tilly also sells dog clothes, dog food, and cat food from Centurion . We are ABHB certified. That is why your dog is in good hands with us mobile dog grooming boise. Then there is blow-dried, combed through and any tangles are removed. If you have regularly brushed your dog well, detangling can (largely) be saved. Then, when the coat is dry again, it is finished and, if necessary, modeled. We are now a few hours further and you can pick him or her up again.

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Your dog will be dog grooming by me with all the peace and attention. I think it is important that your dog feels at ease and experiences peace. Grooming your dog is manual work and therefore quite intensive. I can easily spend 2½ to 3 hours with your dog. (Larger dogs and picking dogs even longer) The rates below are “from prices”. Prices include a complete trim, washing, blow-drying, and nail trimming. The price also depends on the condition of the coat. If your dog has extreme tangles, is extremely dirty, or has fleas, this entails extra work and therefore additional costs. This also applies to dogs that are larger than what is usual for their respective breed, are considerably overweight, or that require more time due to their behavior.