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Dog grooming Cape Coral for professional coat care and personal attention for your dog. For large and small dogs and for all types of treatments such as washing, detangling, swollen, thinning, trimming, plucking, shaving, nail trimming, and more. Also for dogs with low self-confidence a positive experience with good results. You and your dog are welcome by appointment for free advice. Coat treatment in the salon (Grooming technique, Washing, Brushing, shedding treatment.) The short-haired coat is a short “double coat” Usually they have a shedding period twice a year (spring and autumn), so the undercoat and part of the topcoat lose It can sometimes last for a long time. The smooth coat does not require intensive dog grooming cape coral fl, but it does shed almost 365 days a year. It never seems to end. The grooming salon can then offer a solution, we treat these coats by soaking the hair for half an hour, and then the loosened hair is blown out well with a professional blower (with professional shampoo and conditioner) and blow-dried.

Coat treatment in the salon (Mobile Dog Grooming Cape Coral FL technique: Brushing / Combing Thinning, sometimes partial manual plucking and washing and blow-drying) In the molting period these coats have a lot of undercoats that comes off. They have that twice a year in the spring and autumn. The undercoat should be brushed out completely. When all that is gone, the dog is nicely washed with our professional shampoos and conditioners. Then the dog is blown dry, causing even more loose hair to come out of the coat. Completely blown dry, we can start working on the dog according to the breed standard, which is done by thinning the coat (thinning and/or shortening the coat). look more natural. When thinning the coat we also use thinning scissors and this makes the coat look tighter and smoother. Some of the varieties mentioned below are also partly plucked on the back. When the dog is done, it often looks surprisingly younger.

Dog Grooming Cape Coral FL & Mobile Dog Grooming

You can have your dog professionally groomed by one of our certified groomers. The dog grooming salon is located under the same roof as Dog Grooming Cape Coral FL If your dog stays in the dog boarding house or daycare, he can be trimmed or washed at the end of the day. But of course, you are also welcome if you do not use the shelter. Our grooming salon is modernly furnished with ergonomic materials. Everything is adjustable in height. That is not only nice for us, but also for your (large) dog. He does not have to be lifted. We think it is important that a dog leaves the grooming salon with a wagging tail, that is why we treat your furry friend with much love and pleasure and we ensure that he experiences as little stress as possible. A beautiful,

When trimming a doodle, it is important that the dog maintains a natural appearance, it should not look clipped. Many mistakes are made in the Netherlands when trimming doodles, which means that the characteristic appearance is lost. From 2004 when the first doodles came to the Netherlands, we have specialized in the treatment of doodles.

With our experience and dog grooming cape rolal fl information, we can discuss with you which treatment will be best for your dog. When your dog comes to us for treatment, we will discuss with you if your dog has any physical problems and if there are other things we should consider, then we will start trimming the nails and cleaning the ears. The hairs under the soles of the feet and in the groin are also removed. The coat is treated as discussed with you. Your dog will then be treated in the washroom with a conditioning shampoo and conditioner. Then the dog is dried with professional equipment. It is completely reworked in the dog grooming salon.