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Dog Grooming Petaluma, Regular grooming includes brushing out the dog’s fur. Grooming prevents the hair from becoming matted. Matted hair lets little air into the skin and encourages the development of eczema or fungal infections. In addition, fleas, mites, or ticks can nestle in inaccessible places. Such pests are discovered early through regular maintenance.

It is particularly important to brush out when the coat is changing in spring and autumn. The dead hair in the coat causes severe itching. It is best to brush out the animal outdoors, then the tufts of fur do not fly around the apartment. If dogs are used to the procedure from an early age, they enjoy grooming as a petting unit, dog grooming Petaluma.

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With tight wire hair, such as terriers and schnauzers have, a fur brush or comb is impossible. In the grooming salon, dead hair is removed every eight to ten weeks; this process is called trimming. The dead hair is plucked out with a practiced grip with the index finger and thumb or with the help of a trimming knife with a blunt blade, dog grooming Petaluma In order to recognize which hair is “ripe”, i.e. dead, the dog grooming needs a lot of experience. If he pulls on stubborn hair or if he pulls out large clumps of mature hair at once, this is painful for the dog, the fur later looks full of holes. In order for the dog to tolerate trimming, he should be used to it from an early age.

Trimming is time-consuming and not to be confused with clipping. This is less suitable for most wire-haired breeds. The remaining dead hair roots make it itchy, making it difficult for new hair to come through. The shearing, on the other hand, can be useful in summer for breeds with thick fur that suffer a lot from heat.



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