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Dog Grooming Rockford II, Here you will find useful information on dog grooming. Divided into grooming, ear care, dental care. And how do you care for puppies? offers a large selection of high-quality care and hygiene products for your dog. From Furminator dog brushes to Nobby dog shampoos, you will find everything your dog needs to feel good all round. In our dog grooming shop, you will find a large range of dog care products for proper dog care, with which you can pamper your dog from head to paw.

As with humans, proper grooming also plays an important role in dogs. Therefore, every dog ​​owner should deal with the right dog care for his four-legged friend. It is not only about a beautiful and well-groomed – Dog Grooming Rockford II – appearance of your dog but above all about the health of your favorite. Regular monitoring of the paws and claws, eyes, and ears, as well as your dog’s teeth, are very important to discover early health problems.

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Depending on the breed or hair type of your dog, your dog needs more or less care. For daily dog grooming, dog brushes and combs are the basic equipment of every dog ​​owner. Simple knots and tangles can be easily brushed out of your favorite fur. The longer the coat, the more often you should groom your dog. If you can’t get very far with brushes and combs, you can use the dog clipper.

This will gently and painlessly remove knots and tangles from your dog’s fur. Various other fur care products such as oils and powders also ensure a beautiful and healthy dog ​​coat. If your dog ever needs to take a bath, it is important that you only use specially formulated dog grooming shampoo.

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