Dog Grooming School Cost ** MOST AFFORDABLE **

Dog grooming school cost is again allowed to conduct dog training in compliance with hygiene rules. Adapted to the current situation, we make small groups and meet at hiking parking lots.

In this course, you will receive all the specialist knowledge you need to be able to cleave and groom dogs properly. You will also get an insight into the disease and nutrition theory of the dog, the psychology of the dog, as well as the official organization for running a dog salon.

After completing this course, you will have the tools you need to independently and successfully run your own individual dog salon or dog grooming practice.

The course period is 9-8 months and includes 180 lessons. Depending on the course chosen, lessons take place mainly on weekends or during the week.
Thus, this course is possible for part-time. So that you can refresh and deepen your knowledge between the seminar dates, our online learning system is available to you during and after your training as a dog groomer. There you can expect theoretical knowledge in the form of flashcards as well as practical videos from everyday life in our dog salon. Here you can watch videos of the cutting, shearing, and trimming.

Training – care
Grooming dog Shearing and trimming dogs Shearing and trimming according to breed standards Ear care Eye care dental care Claw care Pad maintenance De-felting techniques Learning standard hairstyles Pattern types in the mixed breed Variations of cuts Professional bathing Handling and maintenance of devices and machines

Training – handling the dog
Behavioral psychology The aggressive dog The scared dog How do I stop being bitten? How do I get the dog to stand still?

Training – retirement dog husbandry
Different types of accommodation What to do in case of aggression? Cost calculation

Training – The healthy/sick dog
Diseases Diagnostic options, symptom recognition Own treatment options Forwarding to veterinarian or animal healer Metabolic disorders Detect Remedy Dietetics Forwarding to the vet or animal health practitioner Parasites Detect Determine Fighting or referring to the vet or animal health practitioner Healthy dog ‚Äč‚Äčnutrition Create individual nutrition plans for problems such as organ diseases, metabolic diseases or skin diseases in growing dogs in obesity for old dogs or just a maintenance food for adult dogs how do i read a feed analysis