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Dog grooming school with learn the professional groomer. Why should you take your dog to dog school? Because it is educational and above all fun! A beginner or puppy course is often a very good basis for a pleasant relationship with your dog. Many dog ​​schools also organize workshops and lectures and you can go there for practicing a dog sport. What should you pay attention to when choosing a good address?

Dog Grooming Scholl Online

Online dog school is honest, positive, and clear for handlers and dogs. Those are the hallmarks of Edwin’s successful dog training method. Edwin has trained more than 70 dogs to IPO // IGP level for himself and people from home and abroad. His unique training method was created by acquiring and combining different techniques. This has resulted in a training method that anyone can learn and that can be applied to any dog. This training method is offered for free at this online dog school.

During the dog grooming course, you learn more than just cutting hair and taking care of the dog. This way you also check the health of dogs. The emphasis is on trimming and treating the coat. You learn everything about modeling techniques for dogs.

Dog Grooming Online Course

Most groomers are self-employed, this involves more than just grooming the dogs. You are the centipede in your company, think of your administration, planning, website maintenance / social media and maintaining/cleaning your business premises. If, after reading this list, you are motivated to learn, even more, it is wise to contact a grooming salon and walk in the salon for a day without obligation, this is the best way to taste it. profession.


Then you have come to the right place. You can do the theory at your own pace at home and you will learn the practice in a certified grooming salon.

Are you qualified and do you want to train someone from the Trimschool? Do you have a place for an intern and do you want to be listed on the site as an internship position? Would you like to determine your own compensation for training a trainee?

Talent in dealing with all kinds of dogs and people, because all dogs have an owner and that owner decides where their dog is treated.