Dog Grooming Scissors Professional ** BEST 2020 **

Dog grooming scissors, How do you find good dog grooming scissors? TV dog hairdresser Franziska Knabenreich-Kratz also asked herself this question. Therefore, together with Felix Ritter, a passionate metalworker, scissors and knife grinder, she developed the “finely made Black Titan” modeling scissors. Due to their shape and design, these scissors give the dog’s fur a natural structure. These modeling scissors are a must-have for every dog ​​groomer.

It is perfectly suited for the “scissors-comb thinning technique” that Franziska Knabenreich-Kratz learned from star hairdresser Jonathan David in the USA in 2013 and has since used in her work as a dog hairdresser. Due to the special design, the serrated cutting blade lies on the dog’s fur and gives the haircut a natural look, without cut edges. A special laser process gives the best dog grooming scissors their black titanium color. This process is particularly environmentally friendly as no paints are used. The scissors are lovingly handcrafted and packaged in Hamburg. The “finely made Black Titan” comes in great packaging with a high-quality care set.

Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming

Due to its nature, high-alloy steel offers a good hardening of approx. 59 HRC +/- 1 (degree of hardness in Rockwell). The carbon content makes it easy to harden and the molybdenum content still makes it flexible. The chromium content also makes the steel corrosion-resistant. This steel is also very suitable for repairing and resharpening. Best dog grooming scissors in here.

Laser beams that hit ions and electrons trigger various processes. The two special electronic processes, arc evaporation and sputtering with different materials, create a PVD coating. This coating offers brilliant color quality, a large color spectrum, and excellent mechanical properties. But the most important feature is the environmentally friendly production because no paints are used.

The cut is a convex-concave cut, so the scissors on the scissor blade are hollow-cut (convex, curved inwards), the cutting edge itself is cut concave. The “finely made Black Titan” modeling scissors have fine teeth with 50 teeth, Professional dog grooming scissors.

Here are the different types of interchangeable shaving heads:

  • Ceramic shaving heads:  have a ceramic cutting plate, do not need to be sharpened, remain sharp, but are more fragile than steel, replacement cutting plates are available
  • Steel shaving heads:  are made of specially coated steel, can be sharpened several times, very suitable for beginners
  • FC (FinishCut) shaving heads: the distances between the teeth  are finer, so a super nice finish is achieved, not suitable formatted heads

Shaving head lengths:

  • the smaller or shorter the shaving head, the easier it is to shear matted skins.
  • Lengths from 0.05 mm to 19 mm (the most common ones are 5 mm to 16 mm)
  • Attachment combs can lengthen the shaving heads by up to 25 mm