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Dog grooming services, All dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs deserve their own specific coat care. Pet stores often cannot give you the right advice on how to groom your beloved pet’s coat. You then come home with the wrong brushes and combs. And after a while, we get a disgusted animal in the grooming salon. We specialize in the coat care of dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs and this also includes a sales range of coat care products. Come and visit us for free advice about the coat care of your animal. If desired, we can demonstrate how best to comb and brush. Once your pet is ready, you will be called to pick it up. This way we prevent your animal from having to stay in the grooming salon unnecessarily long.

Dog grooming services near me Before I start treating your dog, I will spend about 15 minutes on a small intake with you in which I will discuss a number of administrative matters and information about your dog that may be important to me during the treatment.  Then I will discuss with you your wishes and options regarding the coat model. The general terms and conditions apply to this. During these fifteen minutes, your dog can quietly explore. This, so that your dog is relaxed when he sits on the table. Then I will work with your dog. In between the treatment, depending on the duration of the treatment, your dog will have several moments of rest in which it has the opportunity to stretch its legs, shake off the tension, or just relax on the pillow.

Mobile dog grooming services, I work with one dog at a time in the salon because it is important to me that your dog always has my undivided attention. And so that your dog does not experience any stress from a fellow in the same room. Not every dog ​​likes this as well. Unfortunately, it can occasionally happen that your dog is still waiting for you and a new customer who is a bit early, cross each other. When this happens, care is taken at all times that both dogs do not come into contact with each other. Do you wish to stay with them during the treatment? Which can. Dog grooming services near me there is a specially equipped corner with WI-FI where you can wait while your dog is ready while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Some dogs are very focused on their owner, if I have problems with this during the treatment, you may ask not to be present during the treatment.

Dog Grooming Services Near Me & Mobile Dog Grooming

Are you looking for a grooming salon that takes the behavior of your animal into account? A salon that takes the time for the treatment and offers your animal moments of rest in between? Where relaxation, play and fun are central and also has the right expertise to give your dog a haircut that suits the dog?

Take your dog for a walk before taking it to the dog grooming salon. Because it is not pleasant for the dog when he is on the table with a full bladder. Try to bring your dog as dry as possible as a wet coat is not manageable. If there are medical problems or contagious conditions (kennel cough, ringworm, etc.) or if you are in heat. Please report this in advance. So that I can take everything into account. Always keep the dog on a leash. Do not bring the dog with a full stomach. Let me know in time if you are unable to attend. In case of cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, I, unfortunately, have to change this. I can deviate from this in special circumstances. Finally, it would be nice if you brought your dog to the grooming salon free of fleas. If I do encounter fleas during the treatment, I am forced to treat the dog at an additional cost.