Dog Grooming Shears Professional Kits **2020 NEW**

Dog grooming shears for you: Like you, your dog needs a thorough cleaning every now and then. Of course, he does his own grooming by licking himself extensively. However, if your four-legged friend is very dirty, as is sometimes the case after a long walk in the woods or a wonderful bath in a muddy ditch, then there is often an odor problem. A dog with dirty fur gives off a very distinctive, penetrating smell that does not bother the dog any further. Usually, however, people around him are less enthusiastic. Then it is necessary to wash or bathe the dog. However, this should never be done with human shampoo, as a dog’s skin is very different from that of a human. The acidity of the skin’s coat alone is different from that of humans so that an ordinary human shampoo messes up the so important protective coat of the dog’s skin. Therefore, always use a special dog shampoo for dog washing!

Use of dog shampoos
Not all dogs enjoy a shower. If your dog hates showering and is reluctant to take a shower, try to calm him down as much as you can before putting him in the shower or bathtub. It is best to put a rubber mat into it beforehand so that the dog does not slip and only turn the water jet on gently. Also, make sure that the temperature is optimal (lukewarm). First, shower the fur, leaving out the facial area. Only then is the shampoo used. The shampoo should be adapted to the dog’s skin because just like us humans, dogs have different skin types. Your dog can have dry and flaky skin, oily or very sensitive skin. The shampoo should be tailored to this.

Skin diseases in dogs
Did you know that dogs can also suffer from skin disorders? These skin problems can cause your dog to smell bad, keep scratching, or simply feeling uncomfortable. A special shampoo can help alleviate the causes of these skin problems and thus improve the symptoms.

Grooming products
Below is a wide range of products that you can use to groom your dog. After washing your dog with these products, you will no longer have to suffer from unpleasant odors and his coat will also be sparkling clean. You can do yourself and your dog a great favor with a good coat wash.