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Dog grooming siling, you must not forget that dogs used to live and sleep outside and their coat was also completely different from the current (spoiled) domestic dog that we know today. Also, the coat of today’s domestic dog is a result of man-made artificial selection to obtain a particular coat. It is therefore certainly not a luxury to have your dog trimmed in a suitable model before serious skin or coat problems arise. And the short-haired dog? Short-haired/smooth-haired dogs are usually thought not to need to go to the grooming salon. But this coat type often sheds year-round. This is because not all dog coat hair is at the same stage of the hair growth cycle. Otherwise, all the hair would fall out at once and we would have a bald dog. By nature, short-haired/smooth-haired dogs have a true shedding period twice a year that can last for several weeks. If you come to the dog grooming salon with your dog during that period, I can give your dog a shedding treatment. Your dog will then get through this period faster and you will have less hair in the house.

Coat care in the winter I often hear in the dog grooming salon that people prefer not to have their dog trimmed in the winter because the dog would then be too cold. However, this is a totally wrong view. Because during the fall and winter it is often very wet outside. When a dog with a long coat is outside and gets wet from rain or snow, it will take much longer for the coat to dry up. Because the coat is wet longer, your dog is also cold longer. This is not good for your dog’s health. People often don’t think about this. You often dry your dog with a towel, but a long coat is much more difficult to get dry. Rubbing with a towel also causes a long coat to become tangled much faster. Another disadvantage of all that wetness is that the dog drags everything along in its long coat, such as sand, leaves, twigs, etc. etc. This is more difficult to remove with a longer coat. Or it is overlooked and can cause a lot of inconvenience to your dog. Of course, I keep in mind when your dog comes to the grooming salon in winter. I leave the coat a little longer than in the summer (if the condition of the coat allows this!).

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It is important that you can leave your dog in the grooming salon with peace of mind. Various measures have been taken to guarantee the safety of your dog. In principle, the dogs are never loose on the table, they are secured in an animal-friendly way so that they can never hang themselves or fall off the table. I only work by appointment so that there is a good overview of when which dog is coming. This means there are never too many dogs in the grooming salon at the same time. This prevents any conflicts between the dogs.

With this dog grooming sling dog bag in pink / black measuring 50x25x18 cm you can take your dog with you everywhere! Take your dog comfortably on the road with this fun Trixie dog carrier. In this front carrier, you transport the dog in front of your body, so that he or she can watch with you and you can keep a close eye on your animal. An integrated short leash has been added so that the dog cannot jump out of the bag unexpectedly, so you can decide for yourself how much space you give your pet. An adjustable padded shoulder strap is included so you can carry your dog comfortably and you can decide how high or low you want to do that. The bag also has a handy storage compartment for your own things or those of your dog. Super handy and hip, this nice Belly Carrier Dog Bag from Trixie! Dog grooming harness sling is the best to choose for you.