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Dog grooming table, a dog has two shedding periods per year. In the spring and in the autumn. This shedding takes place under the influence of light and temperature. During these shedding periods, our owner is completely crazy about the shedding hairs that we find all over the house. Often owners will fanatically brush to get rid of these annoying hairs. Often too fanatic even. Unfortunately, this is precisely not the ideal solution. Due to this fanatic brushing (often through the use of “wrong” materials such as the Furminator, Coat King and rakes, not only the loose hairs and undercoat are removed, but also hairs (both undercoat and guard hairs) that have not yet reached their final lifespan (dead hairs), so these hairs are not yet loose by themselves.

Because the hair follicles want to repair the damage immediately after this “damage”, the hair buds will urgently produce new, temporary wool hair to restore the undercoat. After all, the undercoat protects the skin! However, these temporary wool hairs are of poor quality and have a short lifespan. Damage to the coat causes excessive shedding and tangling. In short…. Too much brushing damages the coat and promotes more shedding and tangling. All coat types have one thing in common: they shed. One coat more often than the other and the other coat more striking than the one. But all coats shed, in the sense that at the end of the hair growth cycle each hair will fall out to make way for new hair, i.e. dead hair is replaced with new hair. If not, the dogs would trip over their own fur or be completely bald.

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When wool hairs need to be replaced, their coat (outside) is no longer intact. The hair cuticles open up and break off. So they become loose. Because these hair scales open, they absorb a lot of water during a wash. The young, neat hairs do not absorb water, the hairs that are already in worse condition are still a bit on the border of falling out, but are still stuck. By wetting the coat well and applying / massaging a good shampoo, dirt and grease is removed. The hair absorbs a lot of water by soaking water and shampoo for a long time, making it heavy and in many cases it will already come off during rinsing. Shaking out what the dog will no doubt do will also cause a lot of hair to fall out. We can help to further remove the loose hair by using a firm, non-warm air flow from a so-called water blower. With this air flow we blow further loose hair from the coat. No use is made of brushes and combs or other materials, because this also releases the intact part of the wool, which is undesirable. Rubbing dry with a towel is also not desirable and small dog grooming table for sale

After a week, this procedure should be repeated to still remove any “borderline cases” that were not loose enough the previous time. In this way, the natural shedding is limited to a wool moulting period per year, with the exception of real short-haired coats. Dogs with coats that are in a permanent moult provoked by too often brushing (the extreme cases) should come back several more times, up to a maximum of six times.

Coat care is very important for older dogs. Sometimes an older dog is no longer brought to the dog grooming salon because the effort is too great for the dog. This while the older dog may need more coat care. The coat of the older dog will also give changes. Because the dog lies and sleeps more, it will become tangled sooner. The coat will need to be brushed and combed more often. The real oldies will eventually have trouble standing on the table for a long time. I take this into account in the dog grooming salon and dog grooming table for sale craigslist. I let the dog sit or lie quietly on the table if possible or walk him in the salon for a while to keep the blood circulation going. When grooming at home, you will notice that the dog may have less patience. It is best to do it in stages. For example, you can divide the dog imaginary in half or in quarters and brush a part every day. This way you will have brushed the entire dog again after a few days.