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Dog Grooming Tools

Dog grooming tools are all cheaps. Do you have a great love for animals and do you wish to start your own grooming salon in the future? In this training, you will learn the different coats, dealing with the behavior of the dog, trimming, and cutting dogs.

Because grooming a dog is quite a time consuming, I can only trim a limited number of dogs per day. That is why I only work as agreed. When you consider how long I spend with your dog, the price will not disappoint you. Budget treatment is possible from dog grooming tools.

It is not possible to be present during the treatment, because the dogs are better-taken care of when the owner is not there. If you want to visit the Middenwaard shopping center during the treatment of your dog, you can park your car for free with us.

Dog Grooming Tools

A long-haired dog such as a Boomer, Shihtzu, Maltese or Labradoodle should be brushed and combed completely 1 to 2 times a week (and / or possibly blown out with the water blower if you have one). If the dog can handle it physically and mentally, this can be done in 1 brushing. If this is not the case, it must be divided over several times a week. This sounds like a chore and it is. Grooming a long-haired dog requires a lot of attention. Just getting a slicker brush over the dog every now and then is not enough.

For the coat care of your dog, you need different materials at home, such as a slicker brush, a good velcro brush such as an active, a good comb to be able to comb through and check for tangles, possibly a velcro comb and water blower, a good anti-tangle spray, dog shampoo, and conditioner.

Dog Grooming Sling & Hamrock all here!

As a groomer I can immediately feel whether a coat is matted or felted, but when I show my clients the tangles they sometimes fall off their chair in surprise. My experience is that many dog ​​owners often really do not know about this.


Professional canine care tables produced using quality materials and worked to last. Water powered, electric and collapsing alternatives accessible