Hair of The Dog Grooming Mobile Pet Salon

Hair of the dog grooming salon this here. Hair of the dog grooming salon is equipped with the most modern equipment. The grooming table and the bathtub are height-adjustable so that your large four-legged friend can comfortably get on and in. My devices are new and state-of-the-art. We attach great importance to hygiene. Of course, every dog ​​gets its own towel. The table, the tub, and the devices are cleaned or disinfected after each dog. Do you want to arrange an appointment? Call me, send me a message.

You should start caring for your paws when you are a puppy. If the little one has already got used to the fact that you are “busy” with his paws after going for a walk and he has to keep still, there is much less resistance to the annoying paw care later on.

Special protection necessary,
especially in winter Dog paws need special protection, especially in winter. If they get sore and cracked, the road salt causes great pain for dogs in winter. To prevent this, there are special protective sprays and ointments for paw care in specialist shops.

Even if you want to go for a walk with your dog on cold, wet days, you should put some lotion on his paws before going for a walk and then wash them off with warm water. In the case of very sensitive dogs, it may even be advisable to purchase special dog shoes in winter in order to reliably protect the dog’s paws from harmful external effects.

But dog paw care is also an issue in the summer months. Check your dog’s paws regularly after they go for a walk. They should be dry and free from injuries – otherwise, there is a risk of infection.

Annoying paw care for long hair
Paw care for dog paws with long hair is usually particularly time-consuming. However, you shouldn’t take it easy for yourself and don’t just cut the hair on your paws. Otherwise, skin irritation and inflammation can occur.

If small shards or splinters have stuck to the paw, you can usually remove them yourself without having to go to the vet. It is best if a second person gives you strokes at the same time and you carefully remove the foreign objects with clean tweezers.

A simple bandage protects the paw for a few days – you can put a small sock over it to fix it. Then the first aid kit doesn’t slip so quickly. But it is also clear: If there are large foreign bodies in the dog’s paw or there is a cut, you should go to the vet immediately!