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Mobile dog grooming near me you looking is here. It is best to cut this hair carefully. Since many dogs have sensitive, almost ticklish paws, you have to be careful when cutting so as not to injure them. Those who do not trust themselves to do this can also have the dog groomer do the cutting, they have a lot of experience with it. The peritoneum can also be shortened a little (!) On long-haired dogs, especially when the dog romps a lot in the deep snow. This way you can avoid clumps of snow here too.

Greasy protective layer
With a greasy ointment such as milk fat, deer tallow, or coconut oil, you can rub the sensitive pads before every walk. The fat layer protects against split and does not allow the salt to come into direct contact with the dog’s paws on the streets. Incidentally, natural fats are preferable to Vaseline and the well-known Ballistol – both of which consists largely of paraffin, a waste product from petroleum extraction, and it really pastes the skin and clogs the pores. It can also destroy the protective acid mantle of the skin and thus open the door for germs.

Wash paws after the walk
If you want to do something good for your dog, wash your dog’s paws with a little lukewarm water after a walk through the salty lands. It should by no means be too warm, as this is just as painful as water that is too warm on human skin after you’ve almost frozen your fingers off in the cold. This prevents the dog from licking the salt of its paws, as it is often not tolerated so well and it leads to nausea and vomiting. Sensitive paws will appreciate a little care in the form of calendula balm or a little coconut oil.