Mobile Dog Grooming Vans for Sale Rent ** CHEAP **

Mobile dog grooming vans, doggy-style is simply a complete grooming salon on wheels. Everything for total coat care for the dog and cat is available. The only difference with a regular grooming salon is that you do not have to leave the house because I will just come to you! The former ambulance is equipped with a “Hydro” bath with hot water, mobile dog grooming table, air conditioning, and heating. In principle, only one dog is treated at a time in the groomer, so that your dog receives all the attention in a quiet environment and is not bothered by the distraction of other dogs. This reduces stress for your dog and makes treatment easier and faster. Your dog likes to be close to home / you and motion sickness is no longer a problem because the groomer does not drive with the dog on board.

Mobile dog grooming vans for sale, many coats get tangles. However, in some cases there is more to it. If a coat is really too matted, I will discuss why a short shave is the best and least painful solution. With a lot of detangling, I am forced to charge an additional price because I will try in a time-consuming way with special equipment to remove the tangles, while also trying to hurt the dog as little as possible. Dog hair, it is perhaps one of the biggest annoyances of dog owners. The best way to prevent shedding and tangles in long-haired coats is to visit the mobile dog grooming salon once in a while. But why would you go to the dog grooming salon when the mobile dog grooming vans for sale, salon comes to your home?

Mobile Dog Grooming Vans for Sale & Rent 

Mobile dog grooming vans for rent salon offers many advantages for both dog and owner. “Owners no longer have to drive up and down twice to get their dog trimmed and it is ideal for dogs that are easily car sick. It is also less stressful for the dog as it stays so close to home and away from the other dogs. For me as a groomer, a mobile grooming salon is also great fun, because I come somewhere different every time.” Since the start of her company “ Splendor fur ”, the moments when a dog falls asleep during a haircut are the most endearing. But not all unforgettable moments were equally beautiful. “Something that will stay with me for a while is the moment that I was allowed to trim an old dog. When I finished I let him out. He jumped out of the bus full of enthusiasm but immediately started screaming loudly. It turned out that he had stuck with his paw behind the towbar. Due to his age, his front legs sagged and there was even more pressure on the leg behind the towbar. Fortunately, I was able to intervene quickly and it turned out that it was not broken, but an accident scares you! ”

The most natural thing in the world in America, but a rarity in the USA, the mobile grooming salon. You no longer have to leave the house to trim or wash your dog. I’ll just come to your door. You do not have to worry about clutter in the house, all work is done in my own mobile salon. On this website, you can find information about the mobile grooming salon, but also about coat care and parasites.