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Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog grooming dog-style is simply a complete grooming salon on wheels. Everything for the total coat care for dogs and cats is available. The only difference with a regular grooming salon is that you don’t have to leave the house because I will just come to you! The former ambulance is equipped with a “Hydro” bath with hot water, grooming table, air conditioning, and heating.

In principle, only one dog is treated at a time in the groomer, so that your dog receives all the attention in a quiet environment and is not bothered by the distraction of other dogs. This reduces stress for your dog and makes treatment easier and faster. Your dog likes to be close to home / you and motion sickness is no longer a problem because the groomer does not drive with the dog on board.

Mobile Dog Grooming

Because you naturally want the best for your four-legged friend, we treat your dog professionally in our mobile dog grooming salon. We are in possession of the necessary diplomas & quality marks.

Because we consider the well-being of the dogs and cats to be of paramount importance, we follow the courses and training that are necessary to keep up. It is for the benefit of your four-legged friend, which is why we are a qualified TOP Grooming salon.

The vehicle was fully equipped as a mobile dog grooming salon! We have all the latest equipment to pamper your pet: our air-conditioned cabin contains a bath with hot water, a table, a hairdryer, our best scissors and we add a beautiful smile ourselves!

Mobile Dog Grooming Salon Near Me

While bathing, your dog can also enjoy a hydromassage bath whose jets have a gentle and stimulating effect, but above all are relaxing! Afterward we start the mobile dog grooming and we are happy to share our expertise by giving the necessary tips to optimize the well-being of your animal. “The animal world is my life, my passion and I would like to share it with you” Contact me by phone, text message, Facebook or via the online contact form if you would like further information. If we don’t answer immediately, we are undoubtedly driving or taking care of a dog. In that case, leave us a message on the voicemail and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Grooming salon At Bowie is a huge success. Martine is fully booked until the end of February, even for March it will be tight to find a place. Her mobile dog hair salon seems to be a gap in the market.




Our Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is very hygienic and professionally equipped to treat your dog or cat perfectly, and to be able to leave the salon properly again.

Whether it concerns just washing your dog / cat or a complete grooming or whether we prepare your dog for show, everything is possible at Peets Mobile Grooming Salon.