Portable Dog Grooming Table for Sale ** NEW **

Portable dog grooming table all here. When choosing the right grooming table, the size of the dogs that will be groomed in the salon is crucial. If all breeds are to be treated, then it must be expected that large breeds with a bodyweight of up to 80 kilograms will want to be trimmed. These dogs can’t just be lifted onto the table. For these dogs, an electrically height-adjustable table is essential. This is particularly important with dog breeds such as Landseer, Newfoundland, St. Bernard, or Giant Schnauzer. A large work surface with a high load capacity is also essential for these dogs.

It is impossible to imagine what will happen if the table cannot withstand the load. A grooming table for small four-legged friends is ideal if you only specialize in dwarfs such as small terrier species, shiatsu, dachshunds, or poodles. This table can be significantly smaller. This means that a smaller work surface is sufficient and the load capacity does not have to be so great. Mobile grooming tables that are easy to fold are particularly practical for small dogs. Regardless of whether a table for large or small dog breeds, a so-called gallows can be very helpful with both variants. The gallows is a device with which the dog can be loosely fixed. That makes work easier.

Portable dog grooming table for sale: the most affordable table. After the strap is attached to the dog’s neck, special care is required here. Under no circumstances should the dog be left alone if it is restrained in this way. He could seriously injure himself trying to jump off the table. This table is hydraulically foldable and height-adjustable. With a maximum load of 60 kilograms, it is ideal for small dogs. The work surface with a size of 108 x 60 centimeters is provided with a non-slip rubber surface. With a weight of around 25 kilograms and its small dimensions, it is ideal for mobile use.