Small Dog Grooming Table for Sale ** NEW **

Small dog grooming table is a stable dog grooming table is of course also suitable for trimming cats. This is because the grooming table comes with an adjustable leash option so your dog or cat stays in place while you trim. The tabletop of the dog table is provided with an anti-slip layer for the safety of your pet while it is on the table. The grooming table has a solid steel frame for stability, the anti-slip layer also gives your dog or cat’s legs a comfortable feeling. The height adjustment is adjustable, and the cutting table can be easily stowed away after use thanks to the foldable foot. In addition, the cutting table takes up little space when you stow it away after use.

Small dog grooming table for sale has very different coats. There is long hair, short hair, or stick hair. Some dogs have silky, wavy fur, others are shaggy. Depending on the coat, its care is also very different. While some dogs do not need to be trimmed or brushed, others require extensive and regular grooming. This care is of great importance for the health of the animal. Skin and coat help maintain body heat but are also important for insulating the dog’s body and should, therefore, be groomed regularly.

Often it is hardly possible for the owner to do this maintenance himself. This is where dog groomers and dog trimmers come into play. They ensure that every dog ​​receives the appropriate care for its coat and thus also looks neat. The basic equipment of a dog salon includes a good and stable grooming table for the dog. It enables back-friendly work for the dog hairdresser and a comfortable stand for the dog.

A grooming table must be adapted to the weight of the dogs that are being trimmed on it. Dog groomers don’t just groom small dogs. Large dogs like Newfoundland dogs and St. Bernard dogs also often require professional care.

These dogs are very heavy that the table has to endure. If they are still restless and difficult to calm down, the table has to withstand a very special load.

If a mobile service is offered, the grooming table must also be designed accordingly. It must be easy to disassemble and reassemble, and it must fit into your vehicle. However, the table must have the same stability as a fixed table.

Space Requirement
Before purchasing the table, consider the space required. There is not enough space for every grooming table in every salon. There must be enough free space around the table so that the dog groomer can move around and change position quickly and easily. Fixed tables need a lot more space here and cannot simply be moved to one side.

Depending on requirements, there are tables that are electrically height-adjustable or that can be adjusted with your own muscle power. The former is of course practical and simple. However, these tables are also bulky and offer little mobility.

Individually height-adjustable table legs are ideal. This compensates for unevenness in the floor and the table is always stable and firm. Roles can be just as practical. They ensure that the table can be moved easily and without effort.