Top Dog Grooming Mobile Grooming 2020 ** ALL **

Top dog grooming finds here. Taking care of your dog properly involves more than installing a dog door and throwing some food into a bowl. Yes, these measures go a long way towards making this four-legged family member happy. However, once you adopt him, it is up to you to meet all of his needs, both physically and emotionally.

Every dog ​​needs some grooming, although some more than others. Start brushing and bathing regularly early and make it Fido fun. Most dogs need brushing two or three times a week, while other breeds, like Irish setters, need to brush daily. Breeds like spaniels with large, droopy ears need their ears cleaned regularly, and dogs like the Pekingese, who is prone to tearing, need their eyes cleaned. When considering a particular breed, look at their specific grooming needs to make sure you can meet them.

By the way, grooming begins with the training of the dog: first priority should be to house-train the dog and to train him to be obedient. Dogs love training and education! And a badly behaved dog is not only a burden to you and others, but also to yourself.

To keep your four-legged friend healthy, you should attach great importance to being with other people and dogs. Loneliness can harm your pet’s mental equilibrium – just like humans, dogs love the company! It goes without saying that you should take your dog for a walk on a regular basis. With these simple rules, you lay the foundations for a long, happy, and healthy dog’s life.

Grooming – the classic
At the top of our list is of course the classic: grooming. You should comb your dog’s fur regularly – if it is a long-haired breed, even daily. This will prevent unwanted parasites from nesting. Because with dirty fur, the little pests are hardly difficult for you to recognize. In addition, unkempt and dirty fur can lead to skin irritation and even inflammation.